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The Four Types of Psychic Intuition: Explained

Learn how professional online psychics make accurate predictions, below:

Clayton Tarantino

April 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite online psychic, psychic?

Although the methods will vary for each individual, psychics experience extrasensory information in four ways: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

Read on for an in-depth explanation of the various psychic gifts.

1) Clairsentience - Psychic Empathy

Definition: The ability to sense future occurrences or discern truth by sensing the emotions, energy, or “aura” of another.

Gifted empaths, clairsentient psychics are experts at “reading the room.” Speaking with a clairsentient psychic might feel like speaking to a therapist because they employ similar methods: both professionals will ask personal questions, gauge the response of the client, and make decisions based on their client's experience. Whereas therapists must rely on the spoken words of their client, clairsentient psychics can offer advice by sensing the emotions of their client.

Although the word “clairsentience” may be newer, clairsentient abilities are fairly common among professional psychics. A clairsentient psychic can sense the emotions and inner thoughts of their client during a reading, making each reading a unique and compassionate experience. Professional psychics are more likely to have some clairsentient ability as this gift enhances their skills when working professionally with a client in a 1-on-1 scenario.

Reasons to see a Clairsentient:

    • Relationships: Clairsentients are experts at reading emotions, making them the perfect resource for you if you’re struggling with a romantic or family relationship.
    • Career: If you are feeling lost on their career track, a clairsentient can bring a client’s true feelings and instincts about their future to the surface.
    • Catch-22s: If you feel deadlocked on a question or issue, clairsentients can help you commit to a decision.

2) Clairvoyance - Psychic Vision

Definition: The ability to make psychic connections via visual hallucinations, mental images, and visual mediums like tarot cards or crystals.

Clairvoyancy is perhaps the most misunderstood psychic ability. In popular media, the word “clairvoyant” is often used interchangeably with the word “psychic.” This isn’t quite accurate, as clairvoyants are a very specific kind of psychic: a psychic with the ability to receive visions.

Similar to the stereotype of the “fortune teller,” a professional clairvoyant will receive psychic images and interpret them on behalf of a client. A clairvoyant may use tools to help receive images: a crystal ball, tea leaves, tarot cards, or other devices.

When speaking with an online clairvoyant, it’s best to come prepared. Due to their visual nature, clairvoyants crave images of any kind: photos, videos, or drawings of subject matter. Before chatting with an online clairvoyant, make sure you know what you’d like to speak about. Once you discover your subject of interest, try and find a related image you can send to your psychic to help them receive psychic visions.

Reasons to see a Clairvoyant:

    • Medium: Clairvoyants can often see images of loved ones who have passed, making them a great resource if you’d like to consult a medium.
    • Object: Clairvoyants can use their visual intuition to perceive physical spaces and tangible objects. If you have lost something important or want to possess a physical object, ask a clairvoyant.
    • Future: To see a snapshot of what you or a loved one’s future may hold, seek out a clairvoyant psychic.

3) Clairaudience - Psychic Hearing

Definition: The ability to sense otherworldly verbal messages, sounds, and rhythms.

Clairaudients receive auditory messages in a variety of forms, but the most useful messages tend to be in the form of verbal messages. Similar to what it’s like to hear one side of a telephone conversation, some clairaudient psychics receive verbal messages in the form of one-, two-, or multi-word sentences.

When speaking with an online clairaudient psychic, the experience will feel like you’re having a normal conversation with a friend. As you discuss the question or problem you’re experiencing, the clairaudient psychic will receive psychic messages and use them to interpret your situation and offer advice. For example, if you wanted to find out if you have a future with a man you met on a first date, you could tell the psychic your story. During the retelling, the psychic may hear a word, such as “common.” The psychic may then ask what each of you has in common. If that list is long, you may have a future; if not, it's time to move on.

Reasons to see a Clairaudient:

    • Interpretation: You own an object or received a message from someone that is cryptic and would like a psychic interpretation.
    • Medium: You would like to hear from someone who has passed on.
    • Experiencing grief: You are searching for an otherworldly response to a traumatic story or event in your life.

4) Claircognizance - Psychic Intuition

Definition: The ability to immediately grasp untold information, find solutions, or interpret a correct response.

Claircognizants are masters of the “gut feeling.” Although the sensation is more difficult to describe, claircognizants receive psychic messages just like other kinds of psychics. Instead of receiving an image, audio, or emotion; claircognizants simply “know” a correct course of action when working out an issue.

Claircognizants work best when their client comes prepared. If you’re planning to see a claircognizant, ensure you have a strong handle on the conflict you face, the person you’re searching for, or any other goal that you wish to meet through psychic intervention. During the session, simply describe your goal to your psychic as best you can: he or she will eventually receive intuitions as the conversation continues.

Reasons to see a Claircognizant:

    • Romantic Relationships: You want to know if he or she is the “one”, but you need psychic guidance to see the signs..
    • Guidance: You have a big decision to make, but you feel stuck between two equally favorable or unfavorable paths.
    • Reflection: You need help digesting a recent life event or global occurrence.

Meeting with an Online Psychic

If you’re looking to speak with real psychic professionals, look no further. Online psychic websites host wide arrays of psychics. You can easily find someone who specializes in one of the four “clair-”s described above, or find an expert who is gifted with multiple abilities.

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